Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University

What is computer science?

In this, newer computer operating systems, more and more user-friendly software is developed.
Under this course, the basic elements of computer programming and networking are focused.
Students who have computer science engineering can also learn about designing, implementation and management of information systems in relation to hardware and software.
Apart from these, the theory of computation and design of computational systems is also taught about.
This engineering field is related to electrical engineering, mathematics and linguistics.

Different Courses in Computer Science

Almost all the colleges and universities around the world offer a variety of courses in computer science engineering.
Academic Criteria for Computer Science Courses can be divided into three main categories: Diploma Courses, Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate Courses. Let's read further:

1. Diploma Courses - These courses are affiliated with polytechnic diploma and the duration of these courses or duration is 3 years.

2. Undergraduate Courses - After completing undergraduate level course, you get Bachelor of Technology i.e. B.Tech. In Computer Engineering and the duration of this course is 4 years.

3. Postgraduate Courses - These are master level courses, after successfully completing the Master of Technology i.e. M.Tech. In Computer Science Engineering and the duration of these courses is 2 years.

Future prospects

Future prospects of students doing a course in Computer Science Engineering field are excellent. Some important reasons for the growing influence of computer science engineering are as follows:

1. The world we are living nowadays depends on the technological advancement. Without these technological advances, we cannot imagine the future anymore. New technologies are being developed daily by new ones.

2. With the increasing number of software companies and IT hubs all over the world, it is clear that the technological sector is developing very rapidly. Due to this development in the industry, the demand for the finest CSE experts is continuously increasing.

Career opportunities in Computer Science

After doing a course in Computer Science, students can make their career in different fields. Mobile Application Development, Website Developer, Web Support, Animation, Networking Support, Management System (MIS), Computer Programmer, System Designer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Software Tester, Mobile App Developer, IT Administrator, Ecommerce Specialist, Data Warehouse analyst etc.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University

At the KSU the B.S. in computer science program is fully accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineers & Technology).
The computer science program provides the foundations of computer science and applications in computing and data science industry.

Courses in computer science program (B.S)

1. Computer Architecture
2. Data Structures
3. Operating Systems
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Computer Organization and Architecture
6. Big Data Analytics
7. Machine Learning
8. Intelligent Systems in Bioinformatics
9.  Software Engineering
10. Algorithm Analysis
11. Concepts of Programming Languages
12. Mobile Software Development
13. Advanced Topics in Computer Science
14. Systems Programming
15. HPC & Parallel Programming
16. Secure Software Development
17. Computer Networks
18. Modeling and Simulation
19. Internet Programming
20. Computer Graphics and Multimedia
21. Computer Science Senior Project

Degrees of Study
1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
2. Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Computer Science
3. Masters of Science in Computer Science
4. Ph.D. in Data Science

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