Information Technology Programs at Kennesaw State University 2019 (IT admission 2019)

Information Technology Programs at Kennesaw State University2019 (IT admission 2019)

The term "Information Technology" and "IT" are widely used in the field of business and computing.
What is Information Technology?
Information Technology (IT) means the use of Process, Store, Secure and Exchange for the form of computers, storage, and networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and electronic data.
In the 1958 article in Harvard Business Review, Information Technology has been referenced, including three basic parts: Computational Data Processing, Decision Support, and Business Software.
Information Technology refers to anything related to computing technology, such as networking, hardware, software, internet, or people working with these technologies.

Information technology basics
Many companies now have IT departments for the management of their business computers, networks and other technical areas. IT jobs include computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, web development, technical support, and many other related businesses.
In the coming decades, many corporations have created so-called "IT departments" to manage their business related computer technologies. Whatever these departments did, it became the real definition of Information Technology, which has evolved over time.

How Information Technology Works
Information Technology, or IT, describes any technology that powers or energizes storage, processing and information flow within an organization. Any IT related to computers, software, networks, intranets, web sites, servers, databases and telecommunication falls below.

Most modern businesses, from Employee e-mail, depend heavily on information systems from e-commerce web sites to e-commerce web sites. There is a large database of patients to maintain in hospitals. There are spreading networks for the administration of universities. Even a small, home-cookie cookie business requires an order-tracking system.
The demand for IT professionals is very high. From 2009 to 2019 it has been estimated that 2.5 million jobs will be opened in the IT sector.

This is an increase of 31 percent in IT job market. And the average initial salary for computer science, electrical engineering and information science chief is $ 50,000.
Some IT people work behind the scenes to make sure all the information systems we give are easy to operate. These are databases, networks and system administrators.

According to the needs of other organizations, these information systems help in designing. These are databases, networks and system analysts.
Others help in developing hardware and software to make these systems more robust, reliable and secure. These are hardware and software engineers.

Information technology courses

1) Undergraduate IT Program
Undergraduate IT degree programs and heads can be divided into three general categories: Information Science, Computer Science and Engineering. However, it should be noted that each of these prominently overlaps with each other, some courses are called computer science in one school and the other is called engineering.

2) Graduate IT Program
Graduate School is a time to focus your education on a particular area of ​​study and deeply understand and explore it. For students interested in the Graduate level IT program, the diversity of programs available is varied as IT professionals.

If you master degree or doctorate in Information Technology, Computer Science or Computer Engineering, you will see that many courses from this course are found at the Graduate level. The main difference between undergraduate and graduate programs in these areas is depth of coursework and depth of original research opportunities.

3) IT certification program
For many employers, graduate with a master's degree in computer science is not enough. IT professionals are expected to build on their academic knowledge basis through continuous job learning, professional development courses and certification programs.

Many IT certification programs are bound by a specific company or vendor. For example, Microsoft offers many professional IT certifications; many of them are tied to specific Microsoft products. You can become a Microsoft Certified IT Professional as a database developer by using Microsoft SQL Server 2009. Or you can get your Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certificate on Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

Job Opportunities in Information Technology/ Information Technology Careers

Network Administrator
Information Technology Manager
Computer Support Specialist
Data Security Administrator
Computer Technician
Database Administrator
Information Systems Manager
System Administrator
Computer Support Specialist
Information Technology Recruiter
Web Specialists
Process Manager

Information Technology Department at Kennesaw State University

BAS, BS, MS in Information Technology Degree
College of Computing and Software Engineering

In the Information Technology (BAS, BS, MS) department at Kennesaw State University, Georgia, you will be able to learn World-Class IT Education.

BAS, BS, MS in Information Technology degree, which is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,  has the primary objective of meeting the high demand for professional degrees in the strategy, development and administration of integrated computing, management, and information technology systems.

The degree has core requirements, major requirements and required electives. The major contains those courses considered fundamental to the information technology field and the electives give the student some flexibility in choice.

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